WordPress based website developer and video editor

The motto ‘find your passion, so it is then no longer work’ is certainly true for me. I really am living my passion and I would love to share my experience and expertise with you.

Services I Offer

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Website Development

Have you ever tried to update your website by yourself but could not? Have you ever wanted to update your website but could not as the developer was unavailable? You don’t have to be in this situation anymore.
I can help you develop websites using WordPress. In WordPress, you can update your website like you update an MS Word document.

Visual Media Design

Great design is equally important as content to deliver any message. Having a bad design can prevent your message from reaching people. Do you want to create a simple but elegant design? I can help you create a design you like. Always remember “less is more”!

Photo taken from top of a man drawing a design for a logo on a notepad and he has his laptop in his front with some books on his right.
Image of a video editing software with many short scenes on the editing panel

Video Editing

Editing a video with the correct technic is equally important as much as capturing a moment/event. The balance between the right amount of effects and overuse is delicate and should be maintained. I can help you with editing videos the way you want them.

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About Me

Mountains, dense forests, backwaters, sea shores, etc. makes Kerala really the God’s own country. Yes, I am from this paradise in India. My name is Aravind Bala, or my friends around the world call me as a man behind the computer. I got this name while I was working at kanthari, an international institute for social visionaries from around the world, as Media/IT Coordinator.

I was the Media/IT Coordinator in kanthari from May 2013 onwards and I have been responsible for managing these key areas:

Aside from this range of skills and expertise, as a person, I also have a deep interest in nature, the environment and astronomy. In pursuing this dedicated interest, I have been able to further enhance and develop my photography and videography skills.

Check out my work

Dream Village website screenshot

Dream Village

WordPress based website of an organisation working for people with HIV/AIDS in Rwanda

kanthari spice box screenshot

kanthari Spice Box

An accessible encyclopedia for NGOs on how to run an organisation

Screenshot of CTTC website


CTTC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified entity for Professional Trade Testing and Certification

Elefant in the room website screenshot

Elefant in the Room

WordPress based website of an organisation working for people in South India

Drone video

Drone video was captured in a forest near a river in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Blind Rocks website screenshot

Blind Rocks!

Accessible website of Blind Rocks!, an organisation working for blind people in Nepal


What others say about me

“Aravind was a breeze to work with. He helped us design a website that suits our needs better than other website developers we engaged with. Will definitely recommend him to anyone.”

Manzi Norman

“Working with Aravind reduces worry about running a website, you can forget about the given work and he will bring up with amazing design. We have been working together from around 5 years and I recommend him to others on developing website.”

Febna Raheem

“Aravind has been the editor of our program’s Curriculum videos. With our program, we are aiming to make Innovative Thinking and Practice accessible to youth with different disabilities. Inorder to accomplish that, it is imperative that our videos are not just informative and aesthetically pleasing, but also accessible. Aravind’s eye for detail, thoroughness and commitment has helped us a lot in this regard. For example syncing between the ISL interpreter videos, subtitles, blinking texts, and facilitator’s presentations is very important. In editing the videos, Aravind has meticulously seen to this and many other pertinent aspects. So yes, I recommend him strongly.”

Graham Varley

“I have worked with Mr Aravind Bala on number of varied projects where he has been responsible for providing either website production and/or visual media design.
Aravind is extremely professional and delivers a service of the highest standard.
He is reliable and diligent and fully committed to ensuring that both the specification and time frame are fully upheld.
Mr Bala is also very creative and brings a sharp intelligence to devise original and satisfying solutions.
Aravind operates competitively within the market place and I am extremely confident in recommending him highly as value for money.”